Australian Towns – Kodachrome Slides

Toowoomba 1963

When it comes to rescuing slides, finding ones of caravans or motels is at the top of my list. However, finding one of an ordinary Australian country town is right up there too. Even better is when the photographer has had the foresight to write the name of the town on the slide.

Dalby 1963
Dalby Queensland, 1963

Dalby is a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland that is surrounded by fields of wheat, cotton, mung beans, sunflowers, sorghum, millet and barley. Find out more about Dalby »

Nambour 1963
Nambour Queensland 1963

Nambour is 101 kilometres (63 mi) north of the Queensland state capital, Brisbane. The town lies in the sub-tropical hinterland of the Sunshine Coast at the foot of the Blackall Range. The big pineapple is one of Nambour’s most famous landmarks. Find out more about Nambour »

Scarness 1973
Scarness Queensland 1973

Scarness is a small beachside town in Hervey Bay Queensland. It sits almost opposite Fraser Island. Find out more about Scarness »

Stanthorpe 1963

Stanthorpe, Queensland 1963

Stanthorpe, Queensland was originally established by tin miners in the 1870s. Nowadays the region is nationally recognised for its winemaking and diversity of produce. Find out more about Stanthorpe »

Toowoomba 1963
Toowoomba, Queensland 1963

Toowoomba, Queensland is one of the larger towns with a population of around 134,037. A main attraction of the town is the Cobb & Co Museum which features over thirty 19th Century horse-drawn vehicles. Find out more about Toowoomba »

Yackandandah 1980
Yackandandah, Victoria 1980

Having been to Yackandandah, Victoria in recent years (I picked up a vintage camera and some old film reels while there) I can attest that the streetscape hasn’t changed at all. Find out more about Yackandandah »

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