Melbourne in Kodachrome

Victoria Hotel Melbourne

It’s always interesting to come across old photos of your home town. If you recognise the location you study them closely to see what’s changed, cars being the telltale sign of the era they were taken.

This selection of images is ‘rescued’ apart from the one below which was taken by a family friend. Notice the Benson and Hedges cigarette billboard in the distance. Whilst cigarette advertising was banned from television and radio in 1976, it wasn’t until 1989 the law was passed to ban outdoor advertising.

St Kilda Road, Melbourne – possibly 1980s
Photo credit: Joe Matthews
Tram passing The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne 1970s
Flinders Street Station, Melbourne
View along William Street, Melbourne
Victoria Hotel, Melbourne possibly 1950s
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne year unknown
AMP Building, Melbourne
Yarra Boulevard Melbourne
Most likely the Yarra Boulevard Melbourne

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